When you need repairs to your roof, call Brownlee Roofing & Gutters.

If your roof is leaking, missing shingles or has been damaged by a recent storm it doesn’t always mean that you need a new roof. Often, minor repairs can be made to get your roof back in tip top condition. If you have had a severe hail or wind storm recently, we recommend that you have someone take a look to assess if any damage occurred. We will be glad to do this free of charge. Any damage should be repaired to protect your home from any further damage or expense later on. If any damage is found, we can make the repair process easy by working directly with your insurance company to handle any claims.

Hail Damage?

Many times hail storms produce visible damage, but beware, sometimes damage is not obvious to the untrained eye. If your roof went through a hail storm but no damage is readily visible, that doesn’t mean it couldn't be there. Even a minor hailstorm can cause damage that can allow water to seep into your home over time.

Brownlee Roofing and Gutters can determine any damage caused by hail and offer suggestions on how it should be handled. We will take our time to explain what the damage is and how it can be corrected. We will check the entire roof structure and gutter system.

Call Brownlee Roofing and Gutters today at 972-312-1008 for a free inspection.

A hand full of hail balls

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